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Restorative dentistry at Sturner Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry at Sturner Dentistry

Both Drs Sturner and Sabato are going to go to great lengths on the preventative dentistry side of things to help patients avoid tooth decay and damage.  However in the event of these unwanted conditions, the solutions will be conservative, mindful of cost, and of the very highest quality found anywhere.  Every tooth preparation and removal of decay or broken down tooth structure becomes a sculpture or canvas on which to build and create.  Each restoration, filling or crown is another phase in this technical art project, mindful of shape, contour, volume, color and texture.  AND it all has to be durable as well!  Long lasting and beautiful life-like restorations are the end game.  Its what we do with great passion and attentiveness.  Its what we provide our patients.