Sturner Dentistry


“Dr.Sturner’s impeccable work makes me proud to finally show off my smile.”

“Our family has been going to Sturner since 1984. They always offer the most current treatments and the entire staff is wonderful! Dr. Sturner is a magician with crowns and bridges in particular. I wouldn’t trust my dental work to anyone else!”
-L. Welles

“The environment is always welcoming. The girls in the office are all incredibly friendly and helpful. Dr. Sturner is a perfectionist when it comes to taking care of my teeth. As a child, my dentist was a perfectionist and it took years to find another doctor who was as detailed, knowledgeable, and skilled. I know that I am in good hands with Dr.Sturner.”
-M. Blumenthal

“I believe you should go straight to the best and see Dr. Sturner. I have received lots of compliments on my beautiful smile and recommend his office to my friends. If you are looking for complete satisfaction this is the place to go.”
-W. Laffoday

“The staff is warm, friendly, and very helpful. Dr. Sturner is the best dentist I have ever found. He always looks out for the patient’s best interest.”

“I am 67 years old and my teeth have never been in better shape. Since healthy teeth/gums are a key to good health, a good dentist like Dr. Sturner is a MUST. I have also had some cosmetic dentistry done recently, and it looks great-Dr. Sturner is a real artist!!!!”
-K. Tuss

“My daughter was missing 15 teeth since birth which affected her personality. We could not let her go through life with this condition. Dr Sturner, after considerable thought, formulated an action plan that included a dental ‘team’ approach. He took a ‘quarterback’ responsibility to complete the three year procedure that resulted in her going off to college with a beautiful and admired smile.”
-J. Neely

“I really appreciated Dr.Sturner coming last Sunday to check on my son – I felt a genuine concern about the welfare of my family & that meant a lot to me!”
-M. Saleh

“My entire family goes to Dr Sturner, I don’t think I have ever trusted another human being with my children like I do with Dr Sturner! He’s an expert at what he does and really cares about his patients. I have also recommended quite a few friends to Dr Sturner and they all have thanked me and been very happy they went!”
-D. Gottlieb