Sturner Dentistry

Medical Clearance

Prioritize Your Health: Oncology/Cardiac/Orthopedic Medical Clearance for Safer Procedures and Better Well-Being

Oncology/Cardiac/Orthopedic Medical clearance is in many cases mandatory (or at the very least strongly advised) prior to certain procedures in these fields. An oral environment that is stable and free from infection is essential for achieving optimal surgical results. Some procedures that strongly benefit from a healthy and well cared for oral environment are:

Another very important medical treatment that demands thorough oral examination and care is for those patients being treated (either chemotheraputically of for osteoporosis) with a class of drugs called bisphosphonates (Fosomax, Bonita, Recast, Prolia etc.). The bisphosphonates impair the ability for the jaw bone to heal during and after certain dental procedures. The damage created can be very difficult to recover from. Thus the collaboration between medical and dental professionals is critical.

Expert Collaborative Care

Dr Sturner and Dr Sabato have both trained in a hospital setting, and were primarily responsible for assessing not only the oral and dental condition of those patients undergoing any of the above medical therapies, but also the type and extent of the surgery, and how it related to the patient’s current and future oral health. Both Drs have regular and frequent interactions and consultations with Oncology/Cardiology/Orthopedics and their supporting staff, and will work with them to ensure patient safety and the very best overall result.